Birthday cake recipe homemade Malakow cake recipe

Birthday cake recipe homemade Malakow cake recipe

This cake, popular throughout Central Europe, does not have to be baked. It consists essentially of ladyfingers, vanilla cream and whipped cream.

INGREDIENTS FOR 12 PIECES 1 pack of vanilla pudding powder 400 ml milk 3 tbsp sugar 250 g soft butter 3 tbsp icing sugar 400 g sponge biscuits 3 tbsp maraschino liqueur 2 tbsp rum 1 tbsp maple syrup 4 tbsp currant jelly ALSO 40 g almond leaves to sprinkle

Birthday cake recipe homemade Malakow cake recipe

No 1 Malakow cake HOW IT’S GEMAC HT Make a pudding from pudding powder, milk and sugar according to the package instructions. Let the pudding cool, stirring occasionally.

No 2 Beat the butter and powdered sugar until creamy. Add the pudding in tablespoons and stir into the butter mixture.

No 3 Set aside from the ladyfingers 12. Place half of the remaining biscuits on the bottom of a springform pan (26 cm Ø). Mix the maraschino liqueur, rum and maple syrup. Drizzle half of this mixture on the biscuits.

No 4 Warm the currant jelly and spread half of it on the ladyfingers. Spread a third of the butter cream on the biscuits. Place the remaining biscuits on top. Add the rest of the liqueur mix and the rest of the jelly. Brush with butter cream. Save some cream.

No 5 Chill the cake for 2 hours. Roast almond leaves without fat and let cool. Detach the form edge from the cake. Brush the edge of the cake with a little butter cream. Sprinkle 12 cream rosettes on the cake. Arrange 12 ladyfingers on top. Sprinkle the cake with almonds. Chill for 1 hour.

SAVE TIME Instead of the ladyfingers, take a horizontally divided, light Viennese base from the bakery or from the supermarket. Put liqueur mixture and jelly on the bottom, then spread with butter cream. Assemble the cake and cover it thickly with butter cream.

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