Cake Black Forest cake recipe home recipe

Chocolate, cherries and cream are an unsurpassable combination. Flavored with kirsch, this is how the filling for this world-famous cake is made.

Cake Black Forest cake recipe home recipe

INGREDIENTS FOR 16 PIECES OF BISCUIT MEASUREMENT 7 eggs, separated 150 g sugar 1 vanilla pod 150 g finely grated dark chocolate 150 g ground almonds 150 g flour 3 tsp baking powder FILLING 1 large glass of sour cherries 750 g whipped cream 50 g sugar 6 tbsp cherry water ALSO fat for the mold 200 chocolate – grater

No 1 Black Forest Cherry Cake HOW IT’S DONE Mix the egg yolks with 100 g of sugar until they are frothy. Scrape the pulp out of the vanilla bean. Stir the vanilla pulp, chocolate and almonds into the egg yolk cream. Mix flour and baking powder and gradually work in.

No 2 Preheat the oven to 180 ° C. Beat the egg whites with the remaining sugar until stiff and fold in under the dough. Grease a springform pan (28 cm Ø). Pour in the dough and bake for 45-50 minutes. Take out of the oven; let cool down.

no 3 For the filling, drain the cherries, collecting the juice. Set aside 16 cherries. Whip the cream with the sugar until stiff, mixing in 3 tablespoons of cherry water. Cut the biscuit twice horizontally. STEP 3 Soak each floor with 1 tablespoon of cherry water and 3 tablespoons of cherry juice.

No 4 Spread a third of the whipped cream on the bottom. Spread half of the cherries on top. Place the second floor on top, also brush with cream and top with cherries. Put the third floor on top.

No 5 Spread the cake all over with cream and sprinkle with chocolate shavings. Decorate with 16 spots of cream. Put 1 cherry on each spot.

EXTRA TIP Let the biscuit rest for a day before cutting. Cut horizontally with a thread: cut the thread 20 cm longer than the diameter of the biscuit bottom; Grasp at both ends, cross over, then pull through the biscuit base.


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