Crepe Cake recipe how to make easy Crepe Cake in home

Crepe Cake recipe how to make easy Crepe Cake in home

Gooseberries and currants, vanilla cream and freshly baked crêpes are hidden under a delicate meringue topping. What a summer pleasure!

INGREDIENTS FOR 8 PIECES 1 packet of vanilla pudding powder 450 ml milk 6 tbsp sugar, possibly more 200 g crème fraîche 3 eggs, separated 100 g flour 1 glass

gooseberries (drained weight 360 g) 250 g red currants, peeled and grated peel of 1 untreated lemon ALSO clarified butter for baking Icing sugar for dusting

HOW TO DO IT Make a thick pudding from the vanilla pudding powder, 300 ml milk and 2 tablespoons sugar, stir in the crème fraîche. Let the pudding cool down, stirring it again and again so that no skin forms.

Chill the egg whites until ready to use. Mix the flour with the remaining milk (150 ml), egg yolks and 2 tablespoons of sugar. Let the dough soak for about 15 minutes.

Bake 4-5 thin crepes from this in a coated pan in a little clarified butter.

Drain the gooseberries. Mix in STEP 3 with the currants in the cooled vanilla pudding. Season with lemon zest and possibly sweeten with sugar.

Layer the crepes and berry custard in a round high form. Let cool for about 1 hour.

Beat the egg whites until stiff while drizzling in the remaining sugar. Heat up the grill. Spread the egg whites on the crepe cake and grill until golden brown under the grill.

EXTRA TIPS If you want to use fresh gooseberries, you will need 300 g green and 300 g red gooseberries. Let this boil with 1 sliced ​​vanilla pod, 150 g sugar, grated lemon peel and 400 ml white wine until the berries are soft. Let the berries cool in the brew and drain before using. By the way: The gooseberry stock, poured on with cold mineral water, makes a refreshing drink.

Crepe Cake recipe how to make easy Crepe Cake in home


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