Homemade chocolate cake and Chocoflan

Homemade chocolate cake

Today I bring you a homemade chocolate cake.

locked at home, we look for a way to pass the time,

especially when there are children who understand this situation the least and are locked at home,


which makes it very difficult for them to seek the way,

to entertain them. They can help you prepare this cake.

One of the things we can do is hang out cooking, the little ones usually like it, so I bring you a rich homemade chocolate sponge cake, which is very successful in my house. It’s easy to prepare, sure you have all the ingredients at home.

Author: Montse
Recipe Type: DessertsServings: 8
Prep time: 15 mCook time: 40 mTotal time: 55 m
180 gr. chocolate dessert
3 eggs
200 grams of sugar
150 gr. of butter
125 gr. of flour
4 tablespoons of milk
½ on yeast

To make the homemade chocolate sponge cake, we first turn the oven on and off at 180C.

We spread a removable cake pan

with butter and a little flour.

We have booked.
We take a bowl,

put the butter and chocolate in

it and melt them in a water bath or in the microwave.

We mix it up and reserve it.
In another bowl we put the eggs with the sugar, beat them well and add the chocolate.

chocolate cake

We mix everything well.
We mix flour and yeast, sift it or pass through a sieve.

chocolate cake

We will put it in the bowl where we will have the chocolate little by little and mix well.

Until everything is well integrated.
We pour it in the mold that we reserved for the cake, we put it in the oven.

We will leave it until it is ready, it all depends on each oven, but it is a cake that should not be too dry. If you click in the middle it will come out almost dry, it will be ready.
While it cools, we prepare to cover the chocolate. If you don’t want to,

you can cover them with cocoa powder or powdered sugar. I like to cover them in chocolate. With 100 gr. chocolate and 4 tablespoons milk. I heated it in the microwave.

When it’s done I cover the cake before the chocolate sets, you can decorate as you wish.
Let cool and you’re done.





– 1/2 Taza de azúcar – 3Cucharadas de agua.

PARA LA TORTA DE CHOCOLATE: – 200g de Harina de Trigo – 200g de Azúcar – 4 Huevos

(separar las claras de las yemas) – 40g de Cacao en polvo – 1/2 Cucharada de Polvo para hornear –

1 Cucharada de Esencia de Vainilla – 125g de Mantequilla ( a temperatura ambiente) – 1/2 Taza

de Leche entera * PARA EL FLAN: – 4 Huevos – 1 Lata de leche condensada (380g)

– La misma medida de la lata de Leche condensada pero de Leche líquida – 1 Cucharada de Esencia de Vainilla.

NOTA: * Llevar al horno precalentado a 180°C a baño de Maria y dejar cocinar por aproximadamente 45 minutos.

* El molde que estoy utilizando tiene un diámetro de 19 cm × 8 cm de alto.

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