Lemon mousse cake recipe home sweet cake recipe

Lemon mousse cake

You can prepare this dream cake a day in advance. The invigorating aroma harmonises very well with fresh berries that you can serve with it.

INGREDIENTS FOR 8 PIECES OF PIE BOTTOM 300 g raw marzipan 3 eggs topping 4 sheets of white gelatin 2 eggs 125 g icing sugar 200 g cream grated zest and juice from 2 untreated lemons 100 g lean curd ALSO CURRANTS, lemon zest strips and lemon balm for garnish

No 1 Lemon mousse cake HOW TO DO Preheat the oven to 175 ° C. Chop the marzipan and put it in the food processor. Add eggs; mix everything into a creamy mass.

No 2 Grease a springform pan (24
cm Ø) with butter. Pour in the marzipan cream. Bake about 20 minutes%; let cool completely.

No 3 For the topping, soak the gelatin in cold water STEP 2. Separate the eggs. Beat the egg yolks with the icing sugar until fluffy.

no 4 Whip the cream until stiff. Whisk the egg whites in a fat-free bowl. no 5 Bring the lemon juice to a boil in a small saucepan; Squeeze out the gelatin and dissolve in the hot juice. Allow to cool slightly. no 6 Stir the dissolved gelatin thoroughly under the egg yolk cream. Mix in the curd, then the whipped cream and the lemon zest. Finally fold in the egg whites.

no 7 Place the lemon mousse mixture on the baked / ground. Place in the fridge for about 3 hours until the mousse is firm. Garnish with berries, strips of lemon peel and lemon balm.

SAVE TIME The cake is quickly made if you use ready-made lemon mousse mixture for the topping. You need 8-10 servings of mousse. Of course, you can also choose a different taste – the selection is huge.

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