Nut meringue cake with chocolate cake recipe

Nut meringue cake with chocolate cake recipe A real dream for everyone who loves chocolate. The filling is made of lavish chocolate cream, and the cake bases are wonderfully nutty and crispy and light.

Nut meringue cake with chocolate cake recipe

INGREDIENTS FOR 12 PIECES 200 g hazelnut kernels 8 egg whites 1 small pinch of salt 350 g sugar 1 tablespoon cornstarch FILLING 500 g dark chocolate 300 g cream 2 tablespoons rum, chocolate liqueur or brandy ALSO 1 tablespoon cocoa powder

No 1 Nut meringue cake with chocolate HOW IT’S DONE Preheat the oven to 150 ° C. Roast the nuts I in a dry pan. Rub the cuticles off the nut kernels with a cloth. Roughly chop the nuts and set aside.

no 2 Draw 3 circles (each 20 Ø) Z on two sheets of baking paper. Place baking paper on two baking 3 Beat the egg whites with salt to a stiff snow, J let the sugar pour in. Finally, mix in the cornstarch. Fold in the chopped nuts thoroughly, spread the mixture over the circles and smooth out. Bake 4 meringues for about 1–1½ hours. Pull the meringue floors together with the paper off the tin and let them cool on the paper.

No 5 For the filling, break the D chocolate into pieces. Let melt on low heat. Pour in the cream and stir everything into a thick cream.

6 Mix the rum, liqueur or brandy thoroughly with the chocolate cream. Place the mixture in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes. No 7 baking paper from the meringue bases. Place a bottom on a cake platter. Spread half of the filling on it; 2. Place the bottom on top, spread the rest of the filling on top. Put on the 3rd meringue base and dust with cocoa.

VARIANT You can also use white chocolate for the filling and replace the hazelnut kernels with roasted walnut kernels for the meringue bases. Otherwise prepare the cake as described in the recipe.


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