Olive ham bread home sweet recipe bakery recipe

Olive ham bread home sweet recipe bakery recipe

The loose yeast bread with olives and ham tastes great as an aperitif, as a side dish with a light salad or as a snack in between.


INGREDIENTS FOR 10-15 SLICES 300 g flour type 550, more for working 1 pack dry yeast 50 ml olive oil, more for the form 2 tsp salt 120 g green olives, finely diced 100 g cooked ham in one piece

Olive ham bread home sweet recipe bakery recipe

No 1 Olive ham bread HOW IT’S GEMAC HT Mix flour and dry yeast in a bowl. Pour in 150 ml of lukewarm water and the olive oil. Mix everything and cover and let rise in a warm place for 30 minutes.

no 2 Inzwischen den Schinken in Würfel schneiden. Salz, Oliven und Schinken unter den Teig kneten.

no 3 Eine Kastenform (25 cm lang) mit Öl ausfetten. Den Teig in die Form füllen und weitere 45 Minu- ten in der Form gehen lassen. Den Backofen auf 200 °C vorheizen.

no 4 Slice the loaf of bread lengthways with a knife. Slide the pan into the oven on the bottom rail and bake the bread for 40-45 minutes.

bakery recipe homemade recipe Olive ham bread

no 5 Take the bread out of the oven and let it cool briefly in the tin. Then drop out of the mold and let cool completely on a wire rack.

homemade recipe Olive ham bread

VARIANT According to this recipe, you can also bake a vegetable-nut bread. To do this, replace the ham with 1 finely diced red pepper and 50 g of flour with 50 g of ground hazelnuts. The bread becomes particularly nutty if you replace half of the olive oil with hazelnut oil and sprinkle the greased form with ground hazelnuts.


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