Orange almond cake all recipe cake Orange almond

Orange almond cake all recipe cake Orange almond. The wonderfully juicy and highly aromatic cake consists of almonds, eggs and cooked whole oranges – the perfect end to a good meal.

INGREDIENTS FOR 16 PIECES OF DOUGH 2 untreated oranges 6 eggs 1 tsp orange blossom water (pharmacy) 200 g sugar 250 g ground almonds 1 tsp baking powder Juice and zest of 1 untreated lemon 6 cubes of cane sugar (tea sugar) ALSO butter for the mold

No 1 Orange-almond cake HOW IT IS DONE Cover the whole and unpeeled oranges in a saucepan with water, bring to the boil and cover and simmer for about 2 hours over a low heat. 1

all recipe cake almond

No 2 Let the oranges cool completely – preferably overnight in the cooking liquid. Then lift out of the liquid with a slotted spoon and drain.

No 3 Preheat the oven to 180 ° C 3. Butt out a springform pan (24 cm Ø). Puree the cold oranges as they are (with the skin on!) In the blender.

No 4 Whisk the eggs in a bowl. Add the orange flower water, sugar, almonds and baking powder and stir in well with a wooden spoon. Pour the orange and almond mixture into the prepared baking pan. Bake for 1 hour.

No 5 Take the cake out of the oven. Crush the sugar cubes roughly and mix with lemon juice and zest. Sprinkle this mixture on the cake – it later turns into a crust. Let the cake cool completely in the tin. Cut into small pieces.

VARIANT According to this recipe, you can also bake a lemon cake. To do this, replace the two oranges with 3 untreated lemons. Leave out the orange blossom water and add a drop of lemon oil or lemon flavor to the dough instead.


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